Slow Cooker Korean Beef Zoodles

8 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Korean Beef Zoodles”

    1. I think it’s pretty tasty! If you try it, let me know. Note: I’ve only made this with Big Tree Organic coconut aminos because it is the richest I can find. Other brands might not work as well. Good luck! 😊

  1. I didn’t know I could make something like this! Wow it came out great thank you. What are your thoughts on using red wine vinegar?

    1. Hi there! 👋 I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. This recipe is on repeat at my house. Soooo… red wine vinegar. If you want to substitute, go for it! Your question got me researching, and apparently, wine vinegars are ok on the AIP. Thanks for popping in! 😀

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