White Sweet Potato & Leek Soup

If you are not a fan of sweet potatoes, allow me to introduce you to white sweet potatoes. The taste is very similar to their nightshade counterparts, but without all the inflammatory properties.  (Can I get an amen? 😳)  White sweet potatoes are fabulous in soups, and I wanted to showcase them here. This soup … Continue reading White Sweet Potato & Leek Soup

Jicama Street Tacos

THESE!  I used to love the PF Changs version of Jicama Street Tacos before I went on the autoimmune protocol.  I’ve now made my own version, one which is totally AIP!  Street tacos for alllllllllllll!!!  In addition to being really tasty, they are also nutritious. If you’ve never tried jicama before, I encourage you to … Continue reading Jicama Street Tacos

Sweet Potato Apple Soup w/Bacon

I am unapologetically a soup girl.  I am also a girl living in the south where fall has not yet visited upon us, so I am doing incantations.  By the power of sweet potato and all things pumpkin spice, I shall summon fall from my kitchen! This is the soup I made last week, when … Continue reading Sweet Potato Apple Soup w/Bacon

AIP Caesar Dressing/Chicken Caesar Salad

Lunches on the AIP need not be much of a challenge.  I usually eat leftovers, but sometimes, I want a little some’um-some’um.  This salad is one of my go-to lunches, or light dinner items.  Hopefully, you’ve made some Falling-off-the-bone Crockpot Chicken to have handy (See how all this comes together?  You can do this!  😀). … Continue reading AIP Caesar Dressing/Chicken Caesar Salad

Falling-off-the-bone Crockpot Chicken (AIP)

There are a few core recipes that will become your friends on the AIP.  This is one of them.  It is always good to have a protein source (in this case, shredded chicken) handy for making soups, salads, or just “as is” on your plate.  This recipe continues into the recipe for The Richest Bone … Continue reading Falling-off-the-bone Crockpot Chicken (AIP)