Overhead view of Picadillo (AIP/Paleo) in Gordita tortillas on a plate with lime wedges and cilantro. Another plate of tortillas is nearby.

Picadillo (AIP/Paleo)

Picadillo is traditionally ground beef with tomatoes, peppers, onions, raisins and olives. I’ve taken out the nightshades, and added an ingredient that, according to my research, is often added in the Philippines – chayote squash!

Intense Shepherd’s Pie

There is nothing like a hearty serving of shepherd’s pie when the temps get ridiculously cold. But it need not be bland! In this rendition, the meat is succulent bites of tender chuck roast, the gravy is embellished with some in-your-face balsamic vinegar, and the topping is white sweet potato mashed with turnips. It takes a while to make, but I promise you upon the life of my pressure cooker that it will be worth it.