Brined Cornish Hens

Have you ever brined anything before?  I hadn’t, until I was in search of a method to make Cornish hens juicy and delicious.  Ladies and gentlemen, this will take a bit more effort than just sticking the birds in the oven, but you will be rewarded with a succulent dish, not something all sad and … Continue reading Brined Cornish Hens

AIP Pie Crust

Ladies and Gentlemen!  The baking season is now upon us!  I absolutely LOVE to bake, and so it has become my life’s mission to figure out how to do it on this… (ahem)… “challenging” diet.  Baking makes us feel at home, cozy, and – dare I say it? – loved.  It makes us nostalgic for … Continue reading AIP Pie Crust