AIP Chicken Tenders

If you’ve ever missed fast food, or you are dreaming of picnics now that it’s spring, or you have children, here’s one for you.  Chicken tenders!  These are crunchy, thanks to plantain chips in the breading.  Sure, it won’t be exactly like KFC, but it will be much, much healthier.  For dipping, I’ve made an … Continue reading AIP Chicken Tenders

Irish Carrot Soup

Only after a lot of genealogical exploration did I learn the extent of the Irish blood running through my veins.  As if the green eyes, freckles and curly, reddish hair were not clue enough… 🙄  Anyway. My mom used to make a carrot soup from an Irish cookbook she had.  I loved that soup, so … Continue reading Irish Carrot Soup

Southwest Spinach Salad

Maybe it’s the warmer weather.  Maybe I’m missing the southwest where I lived for more than a decade.  Or maybe it’s just because I had some jicama and an old plantain I needed to use up!  🤷🏼‍♀️ Whatever.  In any case, I offer you this delish salad, which can stand by itself as a nutrient-dense meal, … Continue reading Southwest Spinach Salad