Intense Shepherd’s Pie

There is nothing like a hearty serving of shepherd’s pie when the temps get ridiculously cold.  But it need not be bland!  In this rendition, the meat is succulent bites of tender chuck roast, the gravy is embellished with some in-your-face balsamic vinegar, and the topping is white sweet potato mashed with turnips.  It takes … Continue reading Intense Shepherd’s Pie

Supah Guac

So I heard there’s some big football game coming soon… 😁  I grew up in a household where football was a very big deal.  No, not for me.  I was the music geek practicing my piano in the other room!  Nevertheless, since we were all supportive of each other’s activities, I had to learn football, … Continue reading Supah Guac

AIP Spaghetti Sauce

It’s slurpy, it’s messy and I’ve missed it.  I never knew that nightshades were an issue for me until going AIP, and when I discovered it, I was crushed.  I LOVE tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, tomatillos and eggplant.  I’ve grown gobs of the aforementioned, and canned some, too.  And the sauces!  Oh, the sauces… Drool. Well, … Continue reading AIP Spaghetti Sauce

No-potato Galette

This delicious galette is easier to make than it looks!  That means if you are trying to impress anybody with your awesomeness as a cook, you can lay this baby down on the table next to a succulent meat dish, and be all smug about it.  😀 By definition, a galette is a flat round … Continue reading No-potato Galette

Brined Cornish Hens

Have you ever brined anything before?  I hadn’t, until I was in search of a method to make Cornish hens juicy and delicious.  Ladies and gentlemen, this will take a bit more effort than just sticking the birds in the oven, but you will be rewarded with a succulent dish, not something all sad and … Continue reading Brined Cornish Hens