Blueberry & Lemon Cream Parfaits

Now that the weather has warmed a bit (finally!), maybe you are ready for something lighter on your dessert plate. Assuming you have dessert. But of course you do. Because dessert. Anyway… In French, the word “parfait” means “perfect.”  A little parfait after dinner is just the right amount of sweet to finish off your … Continue reading Blueberry & Lemon Cream Parfaits

AIP Ranch Dressing/Dip

TWO recipes in one day?  And why ever not? 😀 This recipe goes with AIP Chicken Tenders for dunking, but it stands alone as a ranch salad dressing and a dip.  (It thickens when refrigerated.)  FANTASTIC with cassava chips!  Now, I love real ranch dressing with buttermilk as much as you do, but that’s a no-go … Continue reading AIP Ranch Dressing/Dip

AIP Chicken Tenders

If you’ve ever missed fast food, or you are dreaming of picnics now that it’s spring, or you have children, here’s one for you.  Chicken tenders!  These are crunchy, thanks to plantain chips in the breading.  Sure, it won’t be exactly like KFC, but it will be much, much healthier.  For dipping, I’ve made an … Continue reading AIP Chicken Tenders

Pumpkin Gnocchi & Lemon Sage Sauce

Oh, how I have missed pasta on the AIP.  You, too?  There are many renditions of pasta-like things out there on the AIP, but nothing is going to beat what that nasty gluten molecule can do.  Alas.  That doesn’t mean we should cry into our pasta pot.  We just have to adjust a bit.  Here, … Continue reading Pumpkin Gnocchi & Lemon Sage Sauce

Southwest Spinach Salad

Maybe it’s the warmer weather.  Maybe I’m missing the southwest where I lived for more than a decade.  Or maybe it’s just because I had some jicama and an old plantain I needed to use up!  🤷🏼‍♀️ Whatever.  In any case, I offer you this delish salad, which can stand by itself as a nutrient-dense meal, … Continue reading Southwest Spinach Salad

Banana Carob Swirl Muffins

Baking on the AIP requires some serious alchemy.  I mean, really.  Baking without the benefit of eggs, sugar, or a gluten flour?  As we say in the south, “I tell you what.” Nearly impossible. Nearly. But because I love you, I’ve conjured up this recipe that I hope will satisfy your hankering for a little baked something. … Continue reading Banana Carob Swirl Muffins

AIP Italian Wedding Soup

I’ve always loved soup, and Italian Wedding Soup is one of my faves.  But how to make it AIP?  The meatballs usually have breadcrumbs in them, and the soup usually has pasta in it.  (Oh, pasta.  How I miss thee… 😩)  The meatballs are fine without breadcrumbs, and I have replaced the pasta with……..drum roll, … Continue reading AIP Italian Wedding Soup