Simply Flavorful Ebook (Paleo/AIP)

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Simply Flavorful from Wendi’s AIP Kitchen is a small but mighty ebook when it comes to delicious Paleo/AIP meals. No need to order special ingredients! All 10 premium main dishes use ingredients typically found at a grocery store.  Being on a healing diet can be an adventure, rather than boring.  See more info below! 👇🏼


Simply Flavorful Ebook is a small but mighty e-cookbook of delicious, interesting Paleo/AIP main dishes.  These 10 recipes  require no special ingredients – just stuff you can find at most grocery stores. (Some grocery stores may not carry some items.)  If you are on the AIP, eating in a Paleo style, or just want new ideas for dinner, this book is for you!

I wanted to give you main dishes that are interesting, flavorful, and colorful.  And for the foodies among you, I wanted to create recipes to tempt you.  These dishes will keep you interested in eating for your health, despite an ingredient palette that can feel limited at times.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 10 premium, all new main dishes
  • 1 bonus recipe, just for fun
  • Servings, prep times, and cook times
  • Gorgeous photos of the finished dishes

These are just a few of the titles:

The fine print:

  • This is an ebook; digital only.  You won’t receive anything by mail.
  • Due to the digital nature of this book, there are no refunds.

Being on a healing diet can be an adventure!  Let’s cook something!