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Cover photo for The Autoimmune Protocol Baking Book. There is a tumble of cookies, muffins, graham crackers, and a pie!
At last! A BAKING book for the AIP community!

THE AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL BAKING BOOK (Dec. ’22) is the FIRST EVER published baking cookbook for the AIP community! In it, I share all my best tips and tricks for making AIP baking work! These are tips that I have learned over years of AIP baking, and my (generous) share of fails. 😆 I’m here to help you create everything from crunchy crackers to show-stopping cakes. Order at all the major book sellers. Here are the links:

30 Minute Meals for the Paleo AIP, my first cookbook contribution, is a fantastic resource


for those of us who are pressed for time, and need to get dinner on the table in thirty minutes – which is about all of us.  Forty-one of your favorite food bloggers contributed 123 MEAL recipes to fill this need.  We are so proud of this book!  Get your copy here.

AIP by Season will reeeeaaaallly up your nutrient game.  There are 101 recipes in this e-cookbook (my second contribution) to help you eat seasonally – which is also a more


frugal and sustainable option!  It includes recipes for snacks & drinks, sides & tapas, soups, main dishes, sauces & dips…and some treats, because yes.  All recipes are 100% compliant with the elimination phase of the AIP diet.  Other resources are included, like how to make sauerkraut.  Eat seasonally for you, your pocketbook, and the environment.  Get your copy here.

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