Margarita Chicken

Hello, beautiful people!  (Yes, you are beautiful, just in case no one has told you that  today. 😊)  I’ve got a little something for your Labor Day grilling.  We have reached that time of year here (the south) where it feels like autumn should be coming, but she didn’t get the memo.  It’s still summer. … Continue reading Margarita Chicken

AIP Black Forest Cake

Oh, I have something reeeeeaaallly special for you, my friends. 💗 My blog started one year ago, totally by accident, but what a FUN year it’s been!  I wanted to create a special recipe to share with you in celebration, because if you were here, I would slice you a piece of cake, and we’d celebrate … Continue reading AIP Black Forest Cake

30-minute Meals

YOUGUYSYOUGUYSYOUGUYS!  I have been sitting on a secret since last February, and I have had to wait to tell you until today.  My very first e-cookbook – well, I’m one of the contributors – is out today, and it’s a DOOZIE.  Forty of your favorite AIP bloggers, including yours truly, were tasked with creating entire … Continue reading 30-minute Meals

Peach Vanilla Faux-gurt

Remember yogurt?  You know, back before you couldn’t have dairy?  Maybe you’ve looked into other options at the grocery store, only to find some weird, or unpronounceable ingredient lurking.  Or maybe you tried to make yogurt in your pressure cooker with less than desirable results.  To you, my fellow AIPeople, I present… FAUX-gurt.  It has … Continue reading Peach Vanilla Faux-gurt