A collage of AIP Gift Ideas, including cookies, blue blocker glasses, citrus facial oil, ball jars, and a cookbook

AIP Gift Ideas

Need some AIP Gift Ideas? Some that are less usual, and more just-the-right thing? Read on!

A collage of AIP Gift Ideas, including cookies, blue blocker glasses, citrus facial oil, ball jars, and a cookbook
AIP Gift Ideas

If you have an AIPer in your life, you may be struggling with what sort of gift to give them. The usual food items won’t work. Flowers are expensive. (Cha-CHING!) You might even be mystified by the lifestyle adjustments they’ve made. What do you give for a gift?

I’ve got you.

As an AIPer myself, I’ve found a few things that may be considered unusual gifts, but really demonstrate how much you care for the well-being of your AIPer. And hey, if you want to TREAT YOURSELF, I won’t tell anybody. ๐Ÿ˜

Food items

For AIP Gift Ideas: a kitchen scene of Eat Gangster cookies of three varieties on two different cake stands.  The mix bags are nearby.
An awesome AIP Gift Idea: Eat Gangster cookie mixes!

Your AIPer has to cook all the time, so anything you can do to make their cooking life easier will be appreciated.

Jovial brand pasta – (Be sure to get the cassava kind.) You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal about pasta?” To an AIPer who can’t have gluten, nor (nearly) every gluten free pasta out there, your AIPer will be thrilled to have a pasta they can eat like every one else. Just make sure the recipient can digest cassava OK. A box or boxes of AIP pasta? Unique!

Eat Gangster cookie and cake mixes – Baking on the AIP is nearly impossible, but this company has made it easy. The cookies and cakes are delicious, and they have a banana bread mix, too. Gift cards are available. You could give a variety pack of the mixes, or if you live near the person, you could surprise them with baked goods that are 100% AIP! Believe me, they will be overjoyed. Use code WENDISAIPKITCHEN to get 10% off your first order.

A basket of AIP ingredients – AIPers have to spend lots of money on specialty food items. What if you gave them a break and bought some of these items for a gift basket? Here are some useful ingredients, in no particular order

Kitchen items

I’m not going to list too many items in this category because your AIPer might be a little tired of being in the kitchen… Still, these items will be helpful.

Self-care items

Here's one of the best AIP Gift Ideas!  A bottle of Araza citrus oil next to an orange and rose petals.
Araza Citrus Illuminating Oil

Your AIPer may be a person who extends themselves for others. Help them do a little self care! Here are some items they might appreciate.

  • Lavender Epsom soaking salts – Marvelous for a relaxing, inflammation-reducing bath
  • Blue blocking amber glasses – Wear in the evening to prepare for sleep
  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones – Blocks out ambient noise, and connects to podcasts, guided meditations, music, and has a built-in microphone for calls ($$)
  • Weighted blanket – Melt anxiety and stress away with a nap under a weighted blanket
  • Meditation cushion – This cushion will give them an excuse (permission, maybe?) to take a moment to breathe…
  • Araza Citrus Illuminating Beauty Oil – This certified Paleo facial oil is applied before bed. Soothes irritated skin and smells DIVINE. (Personal note: I love this stuff.) Use code WENDI10 to get 10% off.
  • Araza lip glosses – This certified Paleo makeup company makes lovely lip glosses that are not sticky. Use code WENDI10 to get 10% off.



Cover photo for The Autoimmune Protocol Baking Book. There is a tumble of cookies, muffins, graham crackers, and a pie!
At last! A BAKING book for the AIP community!

I hope this list will get your wheels turning on AIP Gift Ideas. I’m pretty sure your AIPer will be grateful that you support them, and took the time to search out a gift that will help them heal.

Good luck!



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