Banana Carob Swirl Muffins

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  1. I would like yo make these, but confused by gteen can gelatin. I’m under the impression the red can for gelatin eggs, baked goods. The green for extra protien in hot/cold drinks. Are you adding just for callogen benefits & not for egg?

    1. Hi! Yes, the whole green can vs. red can thing is confusing to me, too. I got the green can since it can be used both hot and cold. Versatile. I use it in my smoothies, but also in my baked goods. It has worked for me. In this recipe, the gelatin holds it all together. I’ve never bought the red can. If you try this recipe with the red can, please let me know the result! Thanks for the question! 😊

      1. Looks like another good recipe but I really hope you’ll edit the recipe to indicate that this is collagen and NOT gelatin that you’re using. The results will truly be different if you’re telling folks to use gelatin when you in fact mean collagen. 🙁

      2. Hey there! OK, so I’ve been inspired by your comment to do some research. I will edit the recipe to make it clearer that I’m using collagen. There is so much confusion around this! The green can clearly says “Great Lakes Gelatin” AND collagen. So I called the company to get the scoop. You are absolutely correct that there is a difference in how they behave. I will correct the recipe, and also share what I’ve learned in my social platforms. Thanks for following! 😊

  2. Just made these muffins today for the first time and they were delicious!! It is the first AIP dessert that I have really loved the flavor of and didn’t make me miss pre-AIP desserts. My husband loves them too, I will double the recipe next time for sure! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  3. Wendi
    I’m sitting here pinning away at many of your recipes. They all sound delicious.
    Your banana carob muffins are one I would love to try. As I have sensitivities to coconut,
    can you recommend sibstitutes for the coconut milk and coconut flour?
    I’m sure the quality may suffer a bit, but these sound just great.
    Do you think “Ripple” pea protein vanilla flavored/unsweetened would replace the
    Coconut milk? It has a thick creamy consistency. But I’m really stumped on the coconut flour!

    1. Hi, Pat! Oh, I’m sorry you’re one of the people affected by coconut. That’s really tough on the AIP! About those muffins… I tried MANY incarnations of this recipe, and they all ended up in the trash until I added the coconut flour. Every other time, I ended up with a gross, gummy texture. Please let me save you the heartache I went through! This one really needs the coconut flour. HOWEVER, my friend, Jaime Hartman (Gutsy By Nature) has a recipe for carob brownie-type bars that uses tigernut flour. Maybe that will work for you? Here’s the link: Also, THANK YOU for pinning! And for visiting! And for the encouraging words! We all need ‘em. Best of luck! 💗, Wendi

      1. Wendi
        Thank you for taking your time to answer my question! I so appreciate it.
        I will take a look at the link you sent….sounds inviting!
        As I stated before, I pinned several other recipes. I will let you know how well I do!

        Happy Day!

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