30-minute Meals

YOUGUYSYOUGUYSYOUGUYS!  I have been sitting on a secret since last February, and I have had to wait to tell you until today.  My very first e-cookbook – well, I’m one of the contributors – is out today, and it’s a DOOZIE.  Forty of your favorite AIP bloggers, including yours truly, were tasked with creating entire meals for a family of four that could be made in 30 minutes.  Whoa.  This was a huge creative challenge, but I’m very proud of the result.  Here it is!  TADAAAAAAAA!  🎉🎊😊🎊🎉

So if we do the math… 40 bloggers X 3 recipes each = 120 recipes for complete meals!  IF7865C3A-DA63-46DB-9156-D8C8FC6C208F believe this will be a huge resource for our community because as we all know, one of the biggest challenges of eating AIP is the time it takes to make meals.  Oy.  Of course, these meals are not just for people on the AIP.   All meals are free of gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, seeds, eggs, nightshades, grains, and legumes, which covers just about every food sensitivity.  (Yes, it is possible to eat a fantastic meal without these.)

The three recipes from Wendi’s AIP Kitchen that appear in this cookbook are:

  • Orange Peel Chicken over Cauliflower Steaks
  • Citrus Scallops over Wilted Arugula and Roasted Carrots
  • Skirt Steak Fajita Bowls

The editor has allowed us to share ONE of our recipes with our blog community, which I will be doing soon.  Hmmm…which one will it be…?  😉

Click here to check it out!

Thank you for hanging out with me for the relatively short time (just shy of one year!) that I’ve been sharing recipes.  I think of you as I’m creating them, and hope that they will help you on your journey to wellness.



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