Lamb-stuffed Delicata w/Blackberry Balsamic Drizzle

6 thoughts on “Lamb-stuffed Delicata w/Blackberry Balsamic Drizzle”

    1. Hi, Sherrie! Interesting question. I think the flavors are compatible. I’m not sure how you’d cook and serve them. The cooking time would change (acorn would need more), and the skin of acorn isn’t normally eaten, unlike delicata. Maybe you could cook the meat as meatballs, serve them next to the acorn squash, then serve the drizzle at the table. That might work. Will you let me know how it goes?

      1. Sure, but it sounds like it would be better to just wait til I can get delicata. Your recipe looks wonderful and I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for responding so quickly!

  1. I wasn’t sure how lamb would go over, so I used ground pork and it was great. I also had a bag of frozen delicata squash in the freezer, so I used that and it worked quite well. The blackberry balsamic reduction was perfect. Thanks for a great recipe!

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