AIP Pie Crust

21 thoughts on “AIP Pie Crust”

    1. Hi, Angela. I sent this to two different email addresses to see if it works, and it did. I did notice that when I pushed the “not robot” button, it jumped up on my screen, and I had to scroll back up to see it. As my blog grows, one day I’ll have a print button. For now, I’m not very fancy. Thanks for visiting!


    2. I just went up to the upper right corner and pushed on the up arrow and selected print. When the print menu came up I just told it pages 2-3. Wish it didn’t have the picture, but I got the recipe!!


  1. Thank you Wendi!!!

    On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 6:40 AM Wendi’s AIP Kitchen wrote:

    > Wendi’s AIP Kitchen posted: “Ladies and Gentlemen! The baking season is > now upon us! I absolutely LOVE to bake, and so it has become my life’s > mission to figure out how to do it on this… (ahem)… “challenging” > diet. Baking makes us feel at home, cozy, and – dare I say it? – lov” >


    1. Oooo. I don’t know. Can you order it from Amazon? (The link is in the recipe.) It is sometimes available at Whole Foods. Also, I’m having a giveaway on Instagram (until 11/03) for a free 2-pound bag of it! Maybe you’ll win! :)))


  2. Sorry, also meant to ask if you think this crust would work well for individual little pies made in cupcake tins? Would you use cupcake liners?


    1. I think it might! I will try it myself one day. If you’re making little pies in a muffin tin, I would definitely use a liner. I like using silicone ones. They don’t stick to the food! Please let me know how it works for you.


    1. Hi there! 👋 I think that would depend on your pumpkin pie recipe. I’ve never par-baked the bottom crust, and I’ve never had a problem. The pumpkin pie recipe we’ve used for years (not AIP) bakes for an hour, so the crust gets done just fine. Do you have a great AIP pumpkin pie recipe to share…? 😀


    1. Hi there! No, this is just a general recipe for pie crust. Baking temp and times will be determined by whatever kind of pie you are making. Treat it the same as any pie crust, and follow directions for your regular pie recipe.


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