AIP Spaghetti Sauce

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  1. Can this be made without the ground beef, using some coconut oil or bacon grease? And chicken broth instead of beef broth?

  2. This is an amazing sauce! We couldn’t taste the beets or carrots and it’s so Italian tasting! I followed the recipe but also added mushrooms and Italian seasoning. So yummy!! Thank you for all your recipes.

  3. Just made this sauce this afternoon and the taste is awesome! You seriously wouldn’t know that there are no tomatoes and the color is is fantastic. It really looks like regular spaghetti sauce. Great recipe! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

  4. Our future daughter in law made this for us last night and we were all amazed at all the wonderful flavors! It was better than my spaghetti sauces! She has been teaching me quite a bit a out alternative recipes as she is gluten free also.
    So glad she shared your recipe with our family.

  5. Hi Wendi! I was wondering if this could be made without garlic and if so, what do you think would be a good substitute? I love garlic but I’ve developed a pretty serious intolerance to it. 😞 I’ve been looking for a good spaghetti sauce though because I truly miss it! Not being able to eat garlic makes AIP difficult sometimes.

    1. Hi, Christine! I’m so sorry about your garlic intolerance! I don’t know what you could sub for garlic. You could just leave it out. Of course, it wouldn’t taste the same, but maybe it would be a decent spaghetti sauce..? Only one way to find out! 😉

    2. There is an Indian spice called Hing. You can order it online. It is used to substitute for an onion/garlic flavor. Just be careful, a little pinch goes a long way.

  6. What is this sorcery!? I made this today a bit skeptical that it would actually taste as good as the comments say, given there isn’t a tomato in sight. I was dead wrong. It is absolutely delicious. I actually had to ask my husband if I accidentally put tomato in it, as he was just as shocked. Excellent recipe! Served over garlic zoodles.

    1. Lindsey, your comments just made me SO HAPPY!!! We love the spaghetti sauce, too. In fact, my family now requests it over the regular bottled stuff. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment. 💗😊💗

  7. Love the recipe, thank you! The flavor, yummmmm. But, not sure what I did wrong. I had to add about 2 C beef broth to be able to simmer for any length 9f time. If not, before simmer, the result was very, very thick. My version is also not as red as yours. Any thoughts? I did cook the wine all the way off, as directed. Which leaves very little additional liquid.

    1. Hey there! It sounds like you were fine up to just after cooking off the wine. My guess is that something was amiss after that point. It’s fine that you have not much liquid after cooking off the wine. That part is right. I wish I could be in your kitchen with you to see what’s happening, but I can ask you questions to help trouble shoot. 1.) Is your can of pumpkin purée 15 oz? Much of the liquid comes from there. 2.) Maybe try going through the list to see if there is anything at all that was left out. If you’ve included everything, and your pumpkin purée is 15 oz., I don’t know!
      As for the color (you did add the beets?), I learned something interesting: If the sauce cooks longer than an hour, the color of the beets changes. The sauce becomes sort of brown and unappetizing. One hour is long enough to meld the flavors, but not long enough to cause discoloration.
      If you are on Instagram, you can see a video in my feed of the sauce just before the hour-long simmer.
      I really wish I could see what you’re doing! This is only my best guess of what’s going on. I hope you’ll try again and let me know what happens. I want you to have yummy spaghetti sauce! 😀

  8. Wendi! You are so awesome! This recipe made my day. I have tried so many “nomato” sauce recipes that do not taste like what I remember, but this is sooo good. I love how you have hidden that beet flavor. (Let’s just say I’m not in the beets cheering section!) Thanks so much!

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