AIP Bloggers’ Favorite Soup Recipes

SOUP.  It is a fantastic way to get beaucoup nutrients in us, and perhaps some gut-soothing bone broth.  It warms us deeply.  As you sip that first comforting spoonful, you can almost feel the healing begin.

I thought it would be interesting to poll my bloggy friends about their favorite soups.  I asked, “If you could choose ONE soup from your blog that is your favorite, which would it be, and why?”

As one friend said, “That’s like trying to choose a favorite child!” 😂

I completely agree.  I love soup.  Choosing one favorite is tricky.  I mean, it all depends on my mood, the weather, and my appetite.  Nevertheless, we chose, and the resulting collection is interesting, varied, and nutritious.  We hope you will find something that resonates with you in this collection, and perhaps even a new favorite.

Happy souping! 😋



AIP Blogger’s Favorite Soup Recipes



My favorite, if I have to choose, is Butternut Squash Soup w/Lemon and Tarragon.  It lightens up squash, which can feel a little heavy to me sometimes, and brightens it with sparkly citrus and tarragon.  It’s great anytime, but especially in shoulder seasons when it’s still hot in the south!


Jaime (Gutsy By Nature)  leans more toward the stews.  Her Instant Pot Italian Pork & Kale Soup is her fave.  She says, “This easy soup recipe reminds me of white bean and sausage soup, except it is legume-free, and that makes my tummy happy!”


Bethany (Adventures in Partaking) loves her Mushroom Cheeseburger Soup.  “I love it because it’s warm and comforting. It reminds me of chili and is perfect for cold fall evenings. It’s also one of my hubby’s favorites, so that makes it a double win!”

3119BACA-E5EC-4CCD-9A9C-D49D6BB456B8Samantha (AIP Sisterhood) favorite is Sausage “Potato” & Spinach Soup.  She says, “This soup is incredibly filling. I love to batch cook with it and eat it throughout the week for lunches along with a salad or some plantain chips!”


Erin (Real Food and Love) says that THIS is the soup she goes back to the most – and it’s a recipe her hubby invented!  She calls it Recovery Soup.  “It’s one of the soups that got me through the first several months of postpartum… and it’s perfect when you want to batch cook a ton of tasty soup.”


Jo (Comfort Bites) offers up a bright, flavorful soup: Fragrant Herb and Coconut Chicken Soup.  She says, “It’s bursting with Thai flavours and is aromatic and fragrant. My kids love it too. It satisfied a craving for Thai curry back in the early days of my AIP, and now I just find it so soothing and comforting and full of nutritious things, just sitting there slurping it out of a wide bowl.”


Em (Living Lovely Autoimmune) shares her colorful and nutritious Ginger Lime Borscht.  “It’s definitely a luscious fav, and is possibly the most deeply nourishing soup in my repertoire. I love the colour, the deep punchy flavour, and it’s my fav way to use beets!”


Meagen (It’s All About AIP) gives us her Wonton Soup.  She says, “My mom always made this for us as a kid and every time I taste it, I’m reminded of my childhood. It’s also really easy and quick to make!”


Kate (Healing Family Eats) shares her Hearty Salmon Chowder.  “I love this chowder because it’s a really tasty nutritious meal in a bowl, and provides a good ratio of protein, carbs healthy fats,” she says.

Lexi (AYCE to Better Health/Earthy Mamacado) gives us her recipe for Classic Russian Borsht.  She says, “It’s a family recipe that I grew up eating so for me it’s a taste of childhood. It is also easy to make and makes a lot, so it is great for batch cooking, gatherings, and freezing a few portions for later.”


Samantha (The Unskilled Cavewoman) shares her favorite: Instant Pot Creamy Artichoke Chicken Stew.  I can get in touch with Samantha’s reasoning.  😀 “This one is like spinach artichoke dip but in a stew.”


Eileen (Phoenix Helix) offers a soup that she likes to eat for breakfast!  Of her Nourishing Chicken Soup, she says, “When I first went AIP 6 years ago, I started eating this for breakfast. Even after successfully reintroducing eggs back into my diet, this is still my favorite way to start my day. I never tire of this recipe.”


Rachael (Meatified) likes her Tomato-less Tomato Soup with Crispy Herbed Croutons because, as she says, “it’s magical. It’s kind of like my bbq sauce… it makes no sense until you taste it!”


Indu (Cook2nourish) gives us her Chicken Curry Dumpling Soup.  “This is my new fave soup! Curry spices and dumplings – what’s not to like, right? It is super comforting on a wintery night! A big bowl of this and you are good to go!”


Joanna (Joanna Frankham) loves this version of a childhood soup: The Original BEST Root Vegetable Soup.  “This is my all-time favourite soup from my childhood. It’s even known as ‘Jo’s Soup’ when I head home. This is my AIP-ised version. It’s STILL reminds me of rainy Sunday afternoons in Auckland when I make it.”


💗My special thanks to the bloggers who contributed their prized soup recipes for this post.  To my readers, please give these lovely people a follow, and support their blog efforts.  To your good health! 💗


  1. This is a such a fun way to do a recipe round-up! I’m proud to be included.

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  3. I love this post, Wendi. Thanks SO much for including me.

    Who doesn’t love soup? – Such a great idea to ask for favourites (you just know they are all going to be absolutely scrummy!)

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