Intense Shepherd’s Pie

5 thoughts on “Intense Shepherd’s Pie”

  1. Outstanding flavor! Very clever to use the white sweet potatoes with the turnips to cut the sweetness. It also paired wonderfully with the flavors of the meat & veggies. I had two problems: 1) My instantpot does not have a “reduction” setting, and sauté was too hot, so I had trouble thickening. Next time I’ll just move it to a pan or pot on the stove. 2) The potato/turnip mixture stuck hard to my pan. Thinking of doing this differently—maybe steam the potatoes and turnips, and then combine. Thanks so much for a delicious AIP recipe.

  2. OMG. This is soooooo tasty. I boiled the turnip and potato, and that was a mistake texture wise because it added too much water. But that didn’t change the delicious flavor. I used the Meat/Stew function on my Crock Pot instant pot. I also had trouble with thickening, but it didn’t matter. The flavor of this recipe made up for my mishaps. Thank you!!! I give this 5 stars. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! I’ve heard from others that the thickening part on their equipment didn’t work the same as mine. Maybe you could reduce it on the stove? Thanks for the five stars!!! 🌟😄🌟

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