Treats and Snacks

AIP Pie Crust

This AIP Pie Crust is as close as I could come to the crust I remember growing up. Crust is tricky anyway without being AIP, and this one is no different. It is, however, quite forgiving. If it breaks, just mush it back together!

Blueberry & Lemon Cream Parfaits

Now that the weather has warmed a bit (finally!), maybe you are ready for something lighter on your dessert plate. Assuming you have dessert. But of course you do. Because dessert. Anyway… In French, the word β€œparfait” means β€œperfect.”  A little parfait after dinner is just the right amount of […]

Banana Carob Swirl Muffins

Banana Carob Swirl Muffins (AIP/Paleo) are a real treat for those on a healing diet! Satisfy your sweet tooth a bit without derailing your diet. Baking on the AIP requires some serious alchemy.  I mean, really.  Baking without the benefit of eggs, sugar, or a gluten flour?  As we say in […]